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Sharron’s presentations have been called mesmerizing, captivating, and life-changing.

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Watch Sharron in action and see how she deeply connects with her audiences.

Reinvent Yourself Summit With Marisa Peer

Sharron was invited to be a speaker at Marisa Peers’ inaugural Reinvent Yourself Summit.

“Sharron’s superpower is her energy and enthusiasm. Her session was 60 minutes of pure gold and wisdom, and she had a huge impact on our audience. Sharron’s insights into overcoming personal and professional obstacles are not just enlightening, they are also incredibly practical. Her authentic storytelling and engaging advice provide a clear roadmap for anyone feeling stuck and seeking a fresh start. She used humour and emotion, tears and laughter, and the audience left her talk full of hope, feeling empowered, and ready to take action!”

Elise McDonald, Head of Publicity, Marisa Peer.

Reinvent Yourself Summit - Success and Confidence


To be the UK ambassador for COPRA (Cosmetic and Perfumery Retail Association) in my 10th year is a huge honour. To not only speak at the awards, but also reward the winner of the Top Consultant prize with a bespoke Mind Makeover Masterclass to inspire and lift them to the next level is a true privilege.

Copra Awards Lunch 2024

Forever Success Day

Sharron was invited to deliver a presentation on the power of Mind Makeovers to over 1500 Forever business owners at their Success Day.

Sharron Lowe

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Sharron has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines. Click each one to open and read more.

COPRA Awards 2024

COPRA Awards Lunch 2024


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if you are looking to book a speaker who will deliver a bespoke personalised presentation, deeply connect with your audience, project your goals, visions, challenges, opportunities, and create lasting customised change, then look no further…YOU JUST FOUND HER.

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