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Sharron Lowe


I’m Sharron. I’m a Global Motivational Speaker, Mind Coach, and Author of The Mind Makeover. I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering audiences and individuals to become their best version YET!

I’m proud to have been named by Estée Lauder as “the speaker who added millions to sales by growing their single greatest resource, their PEOPLE!”

A bit about me

As a Motivational Speaker and Mind Coach, I am blessed to passionately love and believe in what I do. I get to inspire and empower others by sharing the power of their Mind, unlocking their intrinsic motivation to act and become their best version YET!

To see the visible positive transformation in individuals and audiences is thrilling and fulfilling, it is my raison d’etre!

I feel blessed to partner with some of the world’s leading corporate companies and top luxury brands and grateful for the opportunities to inspire audiences from over 50 countries and inspire and empower thousands of Minds.

My job as a speaker is to ignite the motivation and desire to be YOUR best version YET! To create a motivation so strong, it cannot be extinguished!   

On stage, I draw from both my life and business career, my success in senior management and global Education, and personal life lessons.

I’m a storyteller who opens her own life stories and uses real-life scenarios to make presentations real and actionable. Sharing, gain and pain, inspiration and desperation, and most importantly, humour, to encourage the audience to connect to their own story and narrative about what is possible for them.

I work from my heart, and create a collective energy force for positive change, making each presentation, personal to each unique audience.

Oh, and I love wild swimming through all seasons, the thrill of cold water and its impact on my Mind, body, soul.  

Sharron Lowe Global Motivational Speaker

What I Believe in

I believe intrinsic motivation is the key to massive change. People change easily and quickly when they have a good enough reason WHY? and the gain is personal.

I believe, because I have witnessed this 1000s of times, that individuals and companies can achieve beyond anything they ever thought possible when they take charge of their MIND, thinking, and attitude.

I believe my presentations have been described as both life and business-changing because audiences want and need to know ‘HOW’ to control their Mind.  Everything starts here, Faith or Fear, Can or Can’t, Possible or Impossible. whatever the scenario our Minds hold the power to achieve all we deserve to have, be, and do.

 I believe our Mind is our superpower to achieve the life and results we desire and deserve.


YOU can!

Every audience and individual, serious about taking control of their greatest asset, their Mind, and accelerating success, life fulfilment and joy, will benefit, and every Company, Entrepreneur, or Individual committed to growth by experiencing a Mind Makeover.

Everyone who wants to build resilience and courage, learn how to navigate life challenges, and not survive but thrive in these times.

Everyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality and learn how to create a goal and vision map for their future using positive imagination and manifestation to get there.

Unlocking Your Potential: The Power of a Motivational Speaker

Sharron’s Stage Presentations Include

  • Company and business conferences.
  • Female empowerment events.
  • Personal growth events.
  • Healing and wellness events.
  • Global women’s conferences.
  • Entrepreneurial events.
  • Direct sales DSA events.
Sharron Lowe the life coach and event speaker for major global brands presenting for an audience.

Everything begins in our thinking and attitude

My greatest belief about life is that everything happens twice. Every single action starts in our Minds and thoughts first and then transpires into our actions and reality.

This is either our superpower or the enemy within.  Which it is, depends on how knowledgeable we are at taking control of our Minds, attitudes, and thoughts. How skilfully we control our belief systems, self-imposed limitations, inner voice and narrative, the stories we tell ourselves about what is possible.

My role and passion as a speaker is to present the ‘How To’ take control and experience a Mind Makeover so that in every unique audience and presentation I ignite their knowledge, desire, and intrinsic motivation to create lasting positive change.

Our Mind is our superpower, our thoughts trigger our emotions, triggers our motivation, triggers our actions, triggers our results and outcomes. This ripple effect impacts every facet of our lives.

Am I The Speaker For Your Event?

If you are looking to book a speaker who will deliver a personalised, passionate presentation, one who will deeply connect and resonate with your audience, project your company, and event objectives and aims, relate to your goals, challenges, and opportunities, then look no further, because YOU just found her. It’s SHARRON LOWE.

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