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I’m Sharron Lowe, a Global Motivational Speaker, Mind Coach, and Author who partners with many of the world’s leading corporate companies and top luxury brands to empower their audiences at Company conferences and Entrepreneur & Personal Growth events.

I’m proud to have been named by Estée Lauder as “the speaker who added millions to sales by growing their single greatest resource, their PEOPLE!”

I don’t! I inspire and ignite the motivation in my audience to have a Mind Makeover and ignite a personal desire to evolve into the best version of themselves. THEY, the individuals in the audience, add the millions! I am their personal Mind Coach to get them there.

I am driven to deliver results, knowing my audience will get BIG results fast and experience easy positive transformation with intention and effort, to create positive change and growth in their lives and businesses.

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Hi, I’m Sharron Lowe

As a motivational speaker and life coach, I feel blessed to passionately love my work, inspiring and empowering others through the power of our minds. It is my raison d’etre.

I have witnessed individuals and companies achieve beyond anything they ever thought possible, all by taking charge of the single greatest thing they own, their MIND. Everything starts here, Faith or Fear, Can or Can’t, Possible or Impossible.

I believe this is why my presentations are described as both life and business-changing. I share the ‘HOW’ to take charge of your superpower, your Mind and achieve the life and results you desire and deserve!

Reinvent Yourself Summit

Sharron & Marisa Peer

It was an honour to be invited to be a motivational speaker at the summit and share the stage with world-leading speakers. An opportunity to empower and transform, reaching an audience of thousands of minds from all over the globe. To share my story and the immense power of Mind Makeovers.

“Sharron’s superpower is her energy and enthusiasm. Her session was 60 minutes of pure gold and wisdom, and she had a huge impact on our audience. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, don’t miss it – it’s a game-changer!”

Elise McDonald, Head of Publicity, Marisa Peer.

Inspire Your Audience

Sharron’s presentations have been called both captivating and life and business-changing. Sharron creates an intrinsic motivation within individuals in the audience to take control of their Minds and thoughts, throw out limiting beliefs, stop wishing, and start doing, and take action to turn their dreams into their reality. She creates enough energy on stage and within the audience to light up a city.


Sharron engages and connects with her audience on a deeply personal level, with the ability to make each person feel she is talking ‘right to them’. She believes every person in the audience is unique and she creates a collective shared energy to tap into. Her presentations are transformative! She deeply cares and she delivers every time, it’s that simple.


Sharron’s energy is contagious, and she works in synergy with her audience. This is where the magic happens, to motivate, inspire, empower, teach, challenge, and change perceptions of what is possible.

It’s a connection, collaboration, and partnership all the way.


Sharron presents from the heart to create a collective energy in the audience and force for positive change, making each presentation, personal and bespoke.

Sharron’s USP is her ability to create massive shifts in an audience of what individuals feel is possible for them using Mind Makeovers! Her ability to move the audience from listening to doing, from knowing to action, shaking them out of their comfort zone, and throwing out limiting beliefs so that the mindset and performance they walked in with is elevated to a whole new level of possibility when they leave.

The audience leaves with a new level of knowing what is possible for them, and, most importantly, clear on the levels of personal fulfilment they want to feel and the success they wish to experience.

The change they want becomes the change they execute and achieve. THEY become the change.

Master your Mind and you have mastered your world!

Your Mind Is YOUR superpower.  Our thoughts trigger our emotions, moods, motivation, actions, results, and outcomes. The result of this ripple effect is our Life!

My greatest belief about life is that everything happens twice. Every single action starts in our Minds and thoughts first and then transpires into our actions and reality.

This is either our superpower or the enemy within.  Which it is, depends on how knowledgeable we are at taking control of our Minds, attitudes, and thoughts. How skilfully we control our belief systems, self-imposed limitations, inner voice and narrative, the stories we tell ourselves of what is possible.

My role and passion as a speaker is to present the ‘How To’ take control and experience a Mind Makeover so that in every unique audience and presentation I ignite their knowledge, desire and intrinsic motivation SO bright it cannot be extinguished!  

Sharron Lowe the life coach and event speaker for major global brands presenting for an audience.
get results


If you are looking to book a speaker who will deliver a personalised, passionate presentation, one who will deeply connect and resonate with your audience, project your company, and event objectives and aims, relate to your goals, challenges, and opportunities, then look no further, because YOU just found her. It’s SHARRON LOWE.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here’s A Few Client Testimonials

Bob Parker   Sharron Lowe Testimonial
Sharron’s International Bestseller

The Mind Makeover, The Answers To The Best You Yet!

As the Author of the bestseller, The Mind Makeover, The Answers To The Best YOU Yet! Sharron shares her top power topics, easy-to-use techniques and proven strategies to take charge of the greatest thing we each own, our MINDS.

Everything, absolutely everything, first begins in our thinking and attitude. This is our superpower and Sharron’s Book and presentations show you how to take charge of YOUR immense superpower, in a fast, easy, and powerful way. Launched to great acclaim in the media, including YOU Magazine, everyone can benefit. Get ready, change is coming!

Be Inspired

Book Sharron To Be Your Motivational Speaker and Mind Coach!

No matter what the size of your event, or if you are looking to motivate your entire sales team or board-level executives, or an audience of 1000s at a Personal Growth event!

Sharron will captivate your audience, motivate, inspire, empower, challenge and coach.  Change perceptions of what is possible to achieve. The audience will leave with a new level of possibilities knowing what they can do, can be and can achieve, all by maximising the greatest thing they own, their Mind!