Using her extensive knowledge and experience both in the field of corporate and personal development, Sharron has channelled her immense passion and energy into her first book The Mind Makeover and its success, to date, has been phenomenal with unprecedented press coverage.

This press coverage has been achieved in more than 10 glossy magazine publications, all of which have featured 1 and 2 full page articles and extracts from the book. The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine exclusively launched Sharron’s book with a 4 page spread and to a total readership of over 5 million people.

The style of her book encourages the reader to take control of their life by taking control of their Mind and thoughts, it’s an easy, powerful, motivating and humorous read and through simple exercises, ensures the reader is ready to take massive action and significantly increase their personal levels of life success and fulfilment.

Through both her book and conference presentations Sharron shares her vast experience and personal approach to significantly develop individuals and companies to achieve new unprecedented levels of results and success. Sharron has gained a reputation for adding millions of pounds to Company retail turnover by coaching their greatest asset –their PEOPLE in the success strategies that make up a Mind Makeover.

Sharron has also reached 1000’s through her advice columns in Marie Claire magazine and also in the educational features she writes for Retail trade press publications.